We offer high-pressure carpet cleaning services for strata, residential and commercial spaces. This includes pre-scheduled service to keep on top of maintenance throughout the year. To really extract dirt and debris from your carpet, we use Kanga equipment which operates at 1600 PSI.

We do this using hot water to really penetrate the fibres and loosen up dirt and debris ready for extraction We’re highly experienced in this area, with years of experience assisting with thorough cleaning in both commercial and residential sectors. We customise every solution to suit both the application and task at hand, so you can rest assured that we’ll cause no damage using our tried and tested methods.

Our Kanga equipment also has drying capabilities to minimise disruption to your daily movements. All the products and detergents we use are economic and environmentally friendly, and our methods are 100% tried and tested to guarantee consistent results on all types of carpet.

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