Our equipment is designed to successfully remove even the toughest of stains from your outdoor pavement, concrete or tiled area. This includes everything from dirt and oil, through to graffiti and algae growth for a clean and refreshed looking surface. There are major benefits that stem from this service, with added street appeal, the illusion of larger space and the reduced likelihood of slipping. For outdoor areas, we use cold water with our Jetwave Pressure Cleaner. Chemicals are only introduced to spot clean stubborn stains, and we stick to environmentally friendly products that are always disposed of correctly to avoid cross-contaminating waterways. Jetwave is an established Australian brand that specialise in the manufacturing of industrial-grade high pressure cleaning equipment. We’ve achieved fantastic results using this product, and find it suitable for all outdoor applications.


We alternate our methods for indoor cleaning to avoid damage, and really penetrate fibres within carpets. We find that using high temperatures works better for these applications, so we use a Kanga high pressure cleaning system which dispenses water at 1600 PSI. Similar to outdoors, chemicals are only introduced for stubborn stains caused by oil or grease, and we always stick to environmentally friendly products that can be disposed of in a garden without causing harm. In addition to the spray, our equipment has a powerful vacuum component that extracts all the loosened-up debris for a deeper clean. It also has drying capabilities to minimise down time! Get in touch with us to discuss the details of your project with our friendly professionals. Whether it’s a strata property that requires regular maintenance of home residency—we’ll adapt our service to meet your needs.

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