We fully restore the detail by clearing out dirt, weeds and other debris for tidy and professional looking paving. We use cold water for all outdoor areas, which is dispensed at a pressure of 4000 PSI for optimal results.

This is carried out using our premium Jetwave Pressure Cleaner, which is an Australian-made, industrial-grade product which provides economical and environmentally friendly paving restoration. We can have your pavement looking good as new in minimal time—tackling everything from oil and grease, to scuff marks and graffiti!

As an additional service, we can also install Pave-Lok®, which is bonded jointing sand that is specially formulated to fill joints between segmental pavers. This product is suited for driveways, footpaths, and any areas where there’s heavy traffic movement. Pave-Lok® impedes weed growth and minimises wind-blown joint erosion to retain the visual appeal of your pavements.

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